Modern Japan

Friday, March 10, 2006

Japanese woman and Thai man

I know some people have heard of this story. Most of you heard about this one story about Tom who is the son of the former police chief in Bangkok dating a Japanese receptionist. As most of you know, Tom treats every woman the same way he handled prostitutes. Plus he dragged others into his mess, because he didn't have the balls to tell her the truth. Tom got sick of screwing the Japanese receptionist so he wanted to get rid of her, just like they way he handled prostitutes.

Well that is one story. The other story happened a few years ago, when I was in Bangkok. I hired a hotel limo driver and he shared me his experience dating a Japanese woman. He said, one day he was driving a young Japanese lady around in his limo. She found her Thai driver attractive and she asked him out on a date. The limo driver was in his flashy uniform so she assumed her driver would dress nice for the date. Not many of you know about that average Thai salary, they only make $200-$300US a month. The Japanese lady was all dressed up for the date, while the Thai driver was in his t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. When the Thai driver took the Japanese lady to an outdoor noodle shop, she got really upset and bailed on him. He asked me what he did wrong.

I laughed and explained to him, "You did nothing wrong. It was her arrogance not understanding where you are coming from."

To cheer him up I explained, "You are lucky not to have sex with her. Do you know what would have happened if you had slepted with her?"

He asked, "What?"

I smiled, "You're gonna wish you never did, because she going to ask you to buy things you can never afford. Then you go through all this trouble for bad sex. You should be happy that she walked out on you, because that's the best thing it will ever happen to you when you date a Japanese woman! Do you think I would come to Thailand if I was that happy to settle with a Japanese woman?"

He later laughed and decided not to charge me so I basically got a free limousine ride for sharing him an entertaining story.

Most people don't understand for an average Thai, a place like McDonald's or Burger King is considered too expensive for them to eat. A Japanese woman expect you to take them to a nice fancy restaurant when they date a guy, and McDonald's is not acceptable. He took her to an outdoor noodle shop where it's kind of dirty, but the food is good. Thai ladies would accept that kind of date, but never for a Japanese. When I treated my driver to Burger King, he was very grateful.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Looks are deceiving!!

Since I have to work on Saturdays for 12 hours, I decided to write about something I wanted to talk about for a long time.

Back in my previous company, I met this one receptionist at work. She seemed like a sweet, innocent type person, but I wasn't interested in her. We usually see each other in the elevator, but I made no effort to start a conversation her. She was very popular with other employees. Every guys talked about her, and bought her presents. The funny thing is, she has no idea who is sending her presents.

One day I met her in the elevator again, and she started to talk to me. I had no idea she was associated with this one "Sukebe Oyaji" who I would call him Mr. Flute. He's by far the most interesting friend I'd have. I took him to Thailand with me, even though he was already married. Not like he has a good marriage anyway. She started to talk to me for the 1st time, "Didn't you take Mr. Flute to Thailand?" I replied, "Yeah, we had a great time!" Actually in my mind I was thinking, "Who the hell are you? Why would hang around with a SUKEBE like Mr. Flute?"

Anyway, she asked to have dinner someday with me and Mr. Flute. So we did. By judging her appearance, she seemed like a sweet, quiet girl. It wasn't until we had dinner. None of us were drinking, but when I was drinking my Coke, she began making extremely disgusting gesture. She asked me, "Is this the right way to do oral sex?" Then the Coke was coming out of my nose. For the 1st time, I have never seen any woman make such gestures at a dinner table. She asked me what a woman needs to do to satisfying a man. I was thinking to myself, no wonder she hangs around Mr. Flute. She makes him look like a Cherry Boy and Mr. Flute is a real big SUKEBE. For all those men trying to have dinner with her, they are in for a big surprise. Since most of the men at work, were pretty much dorks (OTAKU) type guys. Too bad they will be really disappointed when they are way out of her league in the sexual standard.

I wanted to take her to my friend's Indian Restaurant, because I wanted her to freak some of my friends out. If you see her, you would never imagine she would make such gestures. I ask Mr. Flute to take her to my friend's restaurant, but he told me that she just got engaged. Well I joked around with him saying that she will definitely make her husband happy.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Watching Sports in Japan

I was surprised to hear that Japan was actually going to televise the Rose Bowl live, because that is extremely rare. Japan does have ESPN, but it is by far the worst ESPN ever. The ESPN in Japan televise mostly infomercials and K1 fighting than sports.

During the Rose Bowl, I thought I had to go to a sports bar and find a place where they have access to the slingbox. To my surprise, they were actually televising the Rose Bowl live. If I knew that, I wouldn't be going to a sports bar. Anyway at the sports bar, we were making fun of ESPN in Japan at the same time explaining to others who are visiting Japan about the pathetic sports that is televised in Japan.

In Japan, the marathon is televised quite often since Japanese females won the last 2 Olympic medals. Who in the world wants to watch someone run for 1 hour??

Then they televise almost every Ichiro and Matsui games. I can personally understand if 1 channel televise a Seattle Mariners or NY Yankees game, but 4??? 4 different channels are televising the same stupid game!!!! I've always hated the NY Yankees before Matsui came, but now I hate the NY Yankees even more. Every stupid Japanese people are a NY Yankees fan, and when I tell them how much I hate the NY Yankees, they ask me why? In Japan, the most popular player is Hideki Matsui NOT Ichiro, because Hideki Matsui is from the Yomiuri Giants (Japanese version of NY Yankees). I tell them that I am a SF Giants fan and my favorite player is Barry Bonds. Then they ask me why I like a losing baseball team. So my simple answer is, I don't become a fan because the team is winning. I ask them why they like the NY Yankees more than the Seattle Mariners when Ichiro is far better than Hideki Matsui. Their answer is pure and simple, they love the Yomiuri Giants. They have the TV monopoly in Japan, every station in Japan will televise Yomiuri Giants game because it's a monopoly.

In Japan, no one cares about college football. NBA is slowly getting popular. World Wide Wrestling is extremely popular in Japan. Why? I don't know, especially WWF is stage and not an actual sporting event. K1 is also popular in Japan.

I am hoping that when I get my new computer, I can connect the slingbox at my parent's home and watch it through the internet. The only thing I enjoy watching in Japan are cartoons.

Japan might sell nice TVs, but they really broadcast stupid shows.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Short Legs

I think this is a universal thing, but remembering the times when I used to date Japanese women. One of their biggest concern was their chest size, but their other concern was their short legs.

OK, long legs do look nice. I only met one Japanese lady who had the rare combination of long legs a big upper body.

Anyway, the point is, not many people realize that it's not that bad having short legs. They might not look good, but who cares? I have an 86-year old grandmother whom I paid for her healthclub membership so she can do rehab on her legs. We all know when you get older, your muscles get weaker so it is a good idea to have a senior citizen strengthen their legs. What most people don't realize is that the shorter your legs are, the easier it is to strengthen your legs.

I told my grandmother how lucky she is to have short legs. I shared her a story about a friend I have in America and whose grandfather was around 5-11 to 6 feet tall (180cm). He had very long legs and it was really difficult for him to walk. You are talking about a 96-year old man. He had to use crutches to keep his balance. The truth is, the longer your legs are, the harder it is to balance when you walk.

I guess that is why more successful football players are the ones with shorter legs. Barry Sanders is one of the most successful NFL running backs around and it was compact built which helped him have a very successful career. Running backs, Offensive and Defensive linemen are better off having shorter legs.

Next time I would like to talk about the #1 thing most women look for when they date a man.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Memoirs of the Geisha

I think this movie is going to give outsiders a bad idea about modern Japan. I can see why Ken Watanabe walked out on this movie, because this really has nothing to do with Japan. It's just going to be another movie of western arrogance about Japan.

Here's the weird part about this upcoming movie. The director is an American who seems to know nothing about Japan. Then you have a Japanese-American actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (actually a Hawaiian) who knows nothing about Japan. Then you have Ziyi Zhang (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon & Rush Hour 2), I actually give her credit because her English has improved compared to the days of Rush Hour 2 and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but she's Chinese. Then you have another legendary Chinese actress Gong Li, and a Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh. In other words, Ken Watanabe is the only true Japanese actor in this movie which is supposed to talk about the pre-World War 2 Japan.

I do want to watch this movie out of curiousity. I will know for a fact that if this movie becomes box office hit similar to "The Last Samurai" then outsiders are going to get this wrong idea that modern Japanese women are like Geisha. To their disappointment, outsiders are going to be really disappointed when they realize that modern Japanese women are nothing like Geisha. Their mentality resembles much closer to modern day call girl. At least Geisha had more culture, then the modern day Japanese women.

Modern day Japanese women are extremely spoiled. They don't care about anyone else other than themselves. Don't get me wrong, they are much easier to get in bed with compared to western counterparts, but if you are looking for a steady and stable relationships, then don't waste your time with Japanese women.

I can see why modern Japanese women act this way. It doesn't help when Japanese men are looking for a Geisha type women. Most Japanese men are still old fashioned, they are actually looking for a servant rather than a soul mate. It's obvious why the birth rate is going down. Modern Japanese women takes relationships for granted, now a days cheating is a normal thing. It all depends on who you meet.

Then again it all depends who you are with. The Japanese women who I usually get along with are the ones who has experienced western culture. Most of the time, I don't attract those type. I wind up attacting the gold-digging, materialistic type. So whenever a Japanese lady want to hang around with me, I usually push them away and make racist remarks about modern Japanese. I don't feel like playing stupid games, so I make it easier for them not to have any interest with me.

Modern Japan no longer has the Geisha, due to the outside influence coming from the West. I think in around the 1950's prostitution became illegal in Japan. When prostitution became illegal in Japan, the number of Geisha's went down. The law of anti-prostitution is not as harsh compared to the laws in America. In Japan, a man can not get arrested for soliciting prostitute. When I spoke to my Japanese colleagues at work, he asked me if I knew any good brothel in America or a good place to find a prostitute in America. When I told him about America being a country where a man can get arrested for soliciting a prostitute, he replied to me, "What a horrible country?" Then he asked me, "Why does America consider themselves as Free World when prostitution is considered illegal?" then he goes on, "What kind of freedom is that?" I replied, "I guess I gave you a good reason not to come to America!"

Anyway, I am looking forward to watching this movie. Since I am always interested in the topic regarding World War 2.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Japanese Universities

Recently on Asahi Newspaper, I read an article regarding companies in Japan are hiring Japanese who graduated from American universities rather than Japanese universities.

Here is the link if anyone is interested:

I've been saying this all along, Japanese universities is a joke. It seems like companies in Japan began to realize whenever they hire a new graduates coming from a Japanese universities, they wind up being extremely useless with the skills they have in the working world. The other problems with Japanese corporate culture is, once you are hired, it's almost impossible to get fired because they have this lifetime employment policies.

The most recent company I worked for was a Japanese style company and I was so surprised that I was surrounded by useless idiots. They make me look like a genius, and I am not. Most of these colleagues that I worked with graduated from a typical Japanese university and they do this, "Shushoku-Katsudo" and once they are in, they sit around and do nothing. I can see why so many Japanese companies are being forced to restructure, because most of the employees are getting paid for doing nothing. One night I had dinner with these group of people and most admit that they did nothing but partying when they were college student. One female employee didn't like my Japan bashing, and took my remarks personally. I hate to say it, but it's true. Japanese universities are completely useless. I exchanged at 2 Japanese universities which is supposed to be considered as one of the elite universities. Other than learning the Japanese language, I didn't learn a damn thing. All I had to do was put a half-ass effort and I'd be in the dean's list. When I was at USC, I had to study like crazy just to pass the class.

Here is what I remember during my experience at Japanese universities. I remember there was a lot of drinking, watching pornos in the dorms, chasing women, and playing majan. I don't know how many corporations would consider that educational. At a Japanese university, it's like taking a 4-5 year summer vacation.

Back then, once you find a job at a large corporation, you are set for life because of the lifetime employment policy. Now that Japan is no longer a bubble economy, Japanese corporation are being forced to restructure such as Sony, Nissan, and Fujitsu. When these guys lose their jobs, they have difficult time finding a decent job because their skills are completely useless.

At my current company, I am making every single penny. They are making me work in odd hours, but this is reality. You don't hear many companies where you can take 3 hour cigarette breaks.

Anyway, I can go on and on. Enjoy reading the article.